Good, Alive, Wild

Let's make a home in this field and let the trees watch us dance
Let's farewell each day with feet buried in blades of grass to crickets lullaby
Hear the rain and watch it fall, aware of every drop
Let's live awake and always stop

Our friends will be our television
Your words will entertain
Ideas that will illuminate and stimulate my brain
Watch our bodies change as we cultivate our space
Watch the creatures of the earth in their endless circle race
Let's wake up with the sun and watch the earth arise
Let's drift to dreams beneath the moon- legs entangled in mine

I’ll hear you laugh, your tone so deep
Soul alive
Eyes on me
My eyes on you

I will feel it in your touch
I will see it in the way you act
I will reflect it - what a rush
Back to bare
Back to human
Back to child
Back to God
Fiercely Good
Alive and Wild

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About the Author - Anna Cromartie

I am Anna Cromartie. I live in Raleigh, NC with my husband Damien. We love to travel and see the world together, but I love home just as much! I work part time as an MLS and family photographer and at the charming long time Raleigh restaurant, Zest Café. 

Writing is such an enriching form of creativity. It’s been the gift of therapy to myself and my method of prayer in the quiet morning hours. It’s been my way of communicating complicated and confusing emotions. Somehow, when I put the thoughts on paper, everything begins to make sense. I discover my own strengths through writing and convey my hopes for the future. 

This is a poem I wrote at the beginning of my single journey when I was dreaming about what my life with Mr. Right would be like! It's one of my favorites and a prayer answered ( still waiting on the land and house, but I have the most important part!) I am so happy to share some of my thoughts with individuals who also love this form of expression.

Thank you for sharing, Anna! I’ve known Anna since high school, and she has always been one I could connect with on a deep level, especially about creative expression! She has so many wonderful thoughts to share, especially on her season of living fully while waiting for her spouse. Are you in a similar season? Share below!