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Hi, i’m saM

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I’m a lover of travel, great food, creating, big laughter, spending time with loved ones, simple and slow living, and words. I hail from the woods of central NC, and all my closest friends call me Sam. Welcome, kindred!

I’m a kind of explorer in search of joy and beauty wherever I am, in whomever I see, and in whatever situation or circumstance is surrounding me. I experience it in the ordinary, the spectacular, the everyday, the sacred, and in the gritty and difficult things, too. There is gold to be found right where you are, and the process of uncovering it is always worthwhile, even though it’s not always easy.

Writing has been my most consistent way of searching these things out, and has always been the way I process myself, my thoughts, my emotions, and the world and people around me. I’m so happy to welcome you into this space as I continue to do just that, and invite you to do the same!

This web-home exists as a portfolio of my past and current writing (everything from poetry to short essays on faith, travel, and life), an active blog and newsletter, a writing service for businesses and entrepreneurs (aka - website and social media words!), and an interactive series of writings by woman from all different backgrounds and stages of life.

My hope is that while you’re here, you’ll feel at home and find some encouragement and inspiration within these pages for whatever season you are in today. While there are helpful life tips and fun inspirations, you’ll also find some deeper thoughts as we go to those undone places in ourselves and in life, where things aren’t always picture perfect and we’re all a little bit messy. There’s a lot of beauty there, too. Maybe some of the best kind!

I’m so happy to be journeying along with you!


Samantha currently resides in Wake Forest, NC with her husband John. She graduated from Appalachian State University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, combining Creative Non-Fiction, Cultural Anthropology, and Music to create her major curriculum, “Creative Responses to Cultural Experiences.” She has been featured in these publications. she continues to work as a hair & makeup artist, while also writing and creating music.


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