Lean In

by Taylor Leonhardt

This morning you sat right next to me

Took all the space out of the bench.

Closed the distance I’d left between us.

You didn’t know —

You just wanted to be near me

And to hear what I was saying in a noisy restaurant —

But for me, it was prayer.

If praying is reaching out for something beyond sight, 

If it is holding silence too delicious to break,

If it is even asking for a miracle,

Then tell me if there is a movement more sacred than the way you 

Lean in

And listen,

Scoop up my words in your hands like they might quench your thirst. 


About the Author: Taylor Leonhardt

Taylor is an absolute gem, and if you know her, you have been the recipient of her deep love, loyalty, encouragement, and inclusiveness. She has a super-power with words in both writing and music to create gorgeous imagery and storylines, and I’m so glad she shared this treasure of a poem with us to kick off our Kindreds Series! She is a full-time musician based in Raleigh, NC, traveling all over sharing and blessing others with her amazing original songs and breathtaking voice! Taylor also co-leads at the bi-weekly Raleigh gathering of worship called Feast & Feast and also leads worship at Church on Morgan.